Time to outgrow the fear of making deposits in online casinos and see what privileges await you once the real money pastime begins. Privileges? Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Why spend your time when you know you won’t win anything? When you play on fun mode, you can see how often gains are rewarded. They could be real for you too!

When you enter a gaming site and create your new profile there, you often bring the cash you’ve set aside to play. But you’re not limited to that sum. The casino surrounds you with a pack of bonuses, which generally feed your investments. They are like additional benefits to the sum you already have, and today you will find out all the varieties of these benefits.

List of Cashable Bonus Codes to Get

The process of activating a promotion differs from one casino to another. For some of them, you need to check in with the casino support, and only then the points will be credited. Others have a special button you must click on before it becomes active. Still, the most common method is supplying a bonus code, unique for each separate promo.

Don’t panic! The bonus code is public and it won’t take long for you to obtain it. You can find it on various gaming blogs or on the casino site itself. Sometimes the house asks you to send an email to the operators for you to receive a reply with the number-code. Look over the list of portals with their bonuses and select the most appealing one.

Bonus Types

No one likes being limited to one choice. That’s probably the central reason why casinos with few bonuses are so unpopular. But let’s not generalize all gamers; some of them seek a particular promotion, irrespective of how many other offers are presented. Still, it is better to be fully informed about the variety and range.

Deposit Bonuses in Online Casinos

Match %

First, you state what you’re prepared to invest, then the casino rewards you with a prize. That’s how the Match% Bonus system works. The portal provides you with the minimum deposit allowed for the offer, and as soon as the deposit is transferred, it will get matched with the percentage of the promo and be credited as extra free cash.

For instance, if the conditions are 100%, it means that your input will get doubled. But take note if there’s a maximum amount of money presented: even if you invest more, the limit will remain the same. Welcome Bonus, Welcome Bonus Package or High Roller Bonus are all potential types of Match % offer. Let’s take it one step at a time, though.

Free Spins

All virtual casinos try to please their users, and slot lovers won’t stand on the sidelines. Usually, as part of Welcome Bonusyou get the fun of Free Spins! Although the spins can be made on only one machine, you are still bound to enjoy the chance for free fun. No need to bet–all the combos come gratis.

Does size matter to you? Then be prepared for big variation. The number of extra spins can be as tiny as 10 and as high as 400 Free Spins. The only catch is if you land the latter deal, it will likely be divided into parts. You will receive packs every day until the whole sum is up.

High Roller Offer

Eager to make a killing right off the bat? For players who are not afraid to face risk and come out on top, online casinos provide High Roller Bonuses. In reality, they’re pretty much the same as Match % offer or simply packs of free cash. The single difference is the amount of your deposit. Usually, for this promo, you’ll enter a 3-digit number, which will activate the king-size cash prize.

Free Cash, Free Spins, Free Winnings

Deposit Promos Withdrawing

So, you activated a bonus, the additional cash was credited to your casino balance and you chose a game to experience. It’s time to think about what happens when you win. It’s inevitable that you’ll experience winnings, and what if they are really impressive? Then you must be ready to cash them out.

The process may seem complicated for those who are not familiar with the rules. That’s because you have to pass several requirements before withdrawing is allowed. These are playthrough conditions, games that you can try with the bonus cash, and the limits of the cashout. Do these words sound intimidating? Then read on to find out what they mean.

Wagering Requirements

It’s a given that wagering is a key part of each deposit offer. In order to redeem the cash winnings from your screen balance, you have to win the bonus money back. And not once, but several times. Remember that depending on the game, the wagering counts differently. For instance, slot machines usually count 100% towards the playthrough, while table games and cards may have a lower percentage.

Allowed Games

The list of permitted and non-permitted games to play using bonus cash isn’t the same for all online casinos. The portals themselves set the entertainments allowed, and you can usually see them in the bonus terms and conditions. Check all permitted amusements for the offers; perhaps your favorite one is off the list and there is no point in claiming the promo.

Cashout Limits

This is more about the casino, not the bonus. The portal establishes the maximum sum you are allowed to convert into cash at once. And irrespective of much money you store in your casino balance, the house has its own idea of how much cash you can redeem. Keep in mind that if you choose a high roller way, the limits will also be higher.