Do not even try to tell, that you have never ever in your life gambled. Making bets and gaining something have always attracted people. The next information is for you to check out, if you really care about what you have got.

Click2Pay is one of the numerous international payment systems for arranging different financial operations that was founded in 2003. It is widely used by Canadians for controlling their funds invested or won at online casinos. It is a kind of an electronic wallet – easy, fast and safe.

The website of the cash register processor is translated into tens of the languages. It accepts everyone, except for the USA citizens – in 2007 the registration for them was restricted. It is specialized in servicing different online gambling houses and other gaming environments on the Internet.

There are many web hazardous institutions which accept this payment processor. Numerous providers have implemented it and the only thing for you to arrange is to opt a supplier as almost all of them use this very means.

Casino Banking Transactions via Click2Pay

When playing in any hazardous establishment accessible to Canadians, be ready to operate with various sums of money. If you are not familiar with the ways of managing your finances – here is the guide for you.

Click2Pay method offers a possibility to deposit and withdraw your pockets very quickly and without making you mad because of some misunderstandings.

Payment system

About Click2Pay E-Wallet

The principle of this eWallet work resides in the following: you have to register and create your own account and bind a bank item as money will be written down from it. The process of creating includes the following steps:

  1. You register in the system. During that you enter personal information about yourself (name, surname, present address, details about your card – preferably international);
  2. Click2Pay gives you a special PAN code;
  3. You go to any online institution and sign in (naturally, the one that accepts this mode). Then enter your Cashier;
  4. Mention the amount of the transfer and your e-mail, PAN code and password which you have chosen during the registration. Remember that e-mails should be the same everywhere. After a little while, pockets will arrive to your account.

Extensive information is available on the site. During a signing in, a representative of the company will contact you and help with all the curious questions.

Depositing Nuances

All deposit methods in online casinos in Canada can be made by dint of this payment way as well. It flows quickly and does not take a lot of time from you. You have only to choose this very method of funds transfer and mention a certain sum.

Here some restrictions can be met, so it would be really great to investigate the whole data on their site (it is related with your country of birth). Deposit process is usually made automatically from your balance – just point that out while registering.


Withdrawing Aspects

It is conceivable to order any debit card exactly from the site (Click2Pay/MAESTRO). With its help you can withdraw currencies from the virtual balance, and administer cash resources as you want.

A distinctive feature of this one is that it is non-personalized and it is unreal to trace your fiscal operations. Drawing out takes about 3 working days. Of course, after the profile has been approved.

Fee Clarification

First of all, remember that you will have not to pay for registration. It is absolutely free. Arranging depositing – you will have to pay 3% of the investments – it will be accessible immediately. Wire transfer is chargeless and you are not to spend money on it.

Withdrawing to your Click2Pay debit item, you will need to make a payment that composes $/€10 (the operation is made instantly). To draw out the pockets with the help of check – the fee of $/€20 is requested (it takes from 3 to 5 working days). Electronic transfer requires 2,9% of the sum and takes 3 full days.

Experts’ Conclusion

The first and foremost advantage of using this program is simplicity. No skills are required to manage your account and to make different financial operations. If trying it, be ready to really fast remittance of the funds. Yeah, it is quicker than a flash in the pan.

Moreover, it offers numerous currencies and languages – you will definitely find the one appropriate for you. It is available not only in Canada, but in many other locations – including European ones.

Pros and cons

Apart from that, the possibility to use the anonymous card increases the target audience of the wallet – for avid high rollers and average players it is very important to stay under the mask.

How Safe Click2Pay Online Casinos Are?

It provides a high credibility and sustainability, because the card’s details are entered only once during its registration in the system, but not each time you want to arrange any transaction.

Click2Pay implemented the most contemporary and innovative encrypting means with the purpose of securing its old and new clients from the fraudsters in the World Wide Web.

How can you after that doubt in the safety level of this method? Shame on you, Mister or Misses. It is one of the safest ways for administrating finances on the Internet for gambling.

Data Security Explanation

Each time you try to send funds to some person’s account by dint of source, special OTP (One Time Password) is directed to your mobile number that you have wrote during the registartion as one more proof of security.

That is why we recommend to thoroughly check if you have really correctly entered your cell number in an appropriate field. In case you do not receive any notification – write to a support team. That is very important to your security.