Nothing can compare with real money play. Of course, you can try your luck making bets in fun mode, but a true hazard can be got only if you set cash. And it does not matter how high the stakes are.

So, if you are seeking for the adrenaline rush, then choose PayPal casinos for Canadians to gamble online for real. Moreover, Omaha Geeks prepared for you simple guide over the gambling houses with the payment method to use and tips how to get started with minimum efforts needed.

PayPal Casinos for Fast Gambling Online

How to Start Using PayPal for Real Money Play?

Everything is much more easier than it can seem to be at the first glance. Today there are lots of online casinos that offer you to use this famous American payment system for your transfers. As a rule, you can use it in both directions as for depositing, so for withdrawing.

That’s why, check out if the casino provides you with PayPal payments or not, and register there your real money account. After that choose the option to make a deposit and start to bet money on your fav games. Such an info you can specify in our detailed casino reviews freely. But remember that this variant works only for players who have PayPal accounts already.

Creating Account Step by Step

In case you are newbie for the payment system, then it’s great that you’ve found Omaha Geeks. Just because here is step by step instruction in plain English how you can become a user of PayPal prepared for you.

The first thing to notice is that persons younger than 18 years old can’t use the method. Also you are to live in America or at the countries accepted by the service. Thanks god, Canada is welcome here πŸ˜‰

There are 2 types of accounts to open: Personal and Business. The first one is what you need to play at the casino for real. After that you should fill the form with your data and… Voila! You can use all the advantages of the service as you wish.

Open Your PayPal Account to Play for Real

Valid Reasons to Choose PayPal Payments

There are many pros of using the service for your casino transactions. First and foremost, it’s available in lots of countries including Canada. Besides, it’s instant and anonymous, it really uses the cutting-edge technologies to protect you from misuse. And that’s not all strong features to mention. Seeing is believing. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

No Delays – Instant Banking

You are free to make all transactions via the method instantly. You can deposit and withdraw funds from the casino using the special PayPal app thru your Android device, for example, or via Apple gadget as well as using the online account just like that. No hassle. Everything fast and instant.

Anonymity of Your Transactions

Though you need to give your personal data to the service to create and use the payment method, still all your monetary transfers are absolutely anonymous. Such an info won’t be shared with other third-parties. Just relax and no worries.

Top Level Security

Nobody wants to be cheated and lose money just like that. It’s the very reason to pay attention to the security provided for all monetary transfers. Being the world-wide banking option, PayPal takes care about the customers.

The payment method is a licensee of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Program. So choosing the way to buy things, deposit at casinos, withdraw money and so on, you can be sure that your private info is protected and won’t be shared with anyone, no matter what without your confirmation of it.

Bounties and Pros of Canadian PayPal Casinos

PayPal uses several ways like technical, physical and even administrative safety measures to save you from unauthorized access to your account, misuse, disclosure, loss and alteration. Also the service uses firewalls and up-to-date encrypting technologies to eliminate the risk of frauds. But in this case you should be ready that you need to provide some personal info to the website.

Withdrawal Availability

There also some key moments about the withdrawing terms to mind. Don’t be afraid here we are to make them clear and simple for you. You should better have your PayPal Verified Account, because it will ease the process by times.

You can get your funds in hands via PayPal Debit Card and electronically by transferring to your bank account. Though it’s multicurrency service, please, note that you can get your credits in US Dollars only. Besides, there are limits for the amount to cash out that can be up to $500 per month. In addition, you can meet with some fees. But that depends on the currency you choose.

Multicurrency System

As we have already started the topic, let’s take a closer look at it. PayPal is used over the whole world. By the statistics of 2016, there are at least 179 million active accounts. Besides only during 2014, 190 nations used the service to transfer about $228 billions and that was in 26 world currencies. So, Canadian casino players can wash away worries, CAD payments are accepted here.

Free of Charge Payments

If you are going to use the method for replenishing your real player account at the casino, then there is a good news for you. It can be charge free. All you need is to use US$ for the purpose. Beyond, almost all modern online casinos provide Canadian palyers with fee free payments via the method πŸ˜‰

Avoid PayPal Account Ban and Freeze to Play at Casinos

Reverse of the Coin – Cons to Meet

It’s a pity, but life is not rainbows and unicorns. Yeah, and it’s high time to talk about such unpleasant things as additional fees. If you have read the article, you can notice that we have already mentioned the drawback of the method. Though PayPal is popular all over the world, but it’s still American service.

That’s why, additional fees apply to transactions in case you are not a resident of the USA and the payments are to or from outside countries. Also you will meet extra bill for foreign currencies. Thus, Canadian users are to pay over 2.9% + Fixed Fee that is $0.30 CAD.

Account Freezing?

The cruel truth is that the service had frozen 150,000 accounts in 2015. But nothing happens without a reason. So, you should read Agreement attentively to evade the problem. And here we prepare such cold-hard facts to make you aware of why PayPal can ban your account:

  • you are in violation of the service’s use policy
  • somebody complained on your business
  • suspicious content of your site
  • your account is not verified fully
  • someone tried to log in your account from a strange location
  • you get into the list of higher risk customers because of low credit score, for instance
  • PayPal detected your activity to be fraudulent
  • a series of chargebacks had place
  • enormously big amount of cash was transferred to your account as against your average

Take to notice them and use the service right and enjoy fast anonymous transactions or look through other casino payment options that can satisfy your demands better.