Every single thing in the world has its beauty and once you start the gambling story, you should encircle yourself with the best items. Canadians know everything about convenience and, that is why, looking for a safe and solid online casino, they always check the banking methods provided. Making deposits should not take more than several clicks, the rest is just irritating and discouraging.

Sure, you can easily review all possible payment options available for players from Canada, though, PaySafeCard is there to gladden you first. Today we are going to reveal the truth, no details will be hidden, no matter whether they are positive or negative. You are to learn the things as they are, nothing but reality is your best guide here.

Casino Payment Method Write-up

Are you afraid of cons? Come on, there is not a thing being 100% perfect. Before you form your own opinion about the system, you can’t but review its features and conditions. Some of them are bound to gain your attention, the other may make you get sad. That is life and all you are able to do now is to accept the state of affairs.

Besides, almost each Canadian casino includes the method for you to make inputs. And this fact points at its popularity and quality. Once you want to remain private and you are looking for a service to dispense you from entering your personal details and bank info, PaySafeCard is the most appropriate choice to make.

PaySafeCard History

What do we know about the system? Well, it is a payment processor acting like a third party and helping you to increase your casino balance with deposits. It is a prepaid card, accepted by numerous customers, using the voucher service. The worldwide market leader was created in 2000 and makes it possible to transfer cash instantly whereever you are. Let us find out more data about the prepaid ticket.

PaySafeCard for Canadian Gambling

Prepaid Card Facts & Figures

Ready to meet impressive numbers of the service? The card is available among 37 various countries, you are to meet over 4,000 internet shops, services and other pay sites, which include the option. What is more, the voucher allows you to pick any of 22 currencies and make payments with no cash converting.

As soon as you buy PaySafeCard, its value remains the same for the following 12 months. After that, the system will provide $2 fee each month. The amount of the tax gets settled from the worth of the card. See, there are also several conditions you have to meet if the desire to use the banking options is still strong.

Benefits of Using

Each player has their own criteria, which a payment option must meet. One of the great advantages of PaySafeCard is that transacting deposits is no sweat. The system is rather user-friendly and easy. Besides, each transfer is completely anonymous, it is needless to provide neither personal, bank nor credit card data. All the financial information remains in secret for everyone but you.

Fast Depositing

Are your nerves steady? When you try to transact your cash from one system to casino balance and there is a situation when you have to wait for some time until the sum gets on the site, it can be really displeasing. PaySafeCard doesn’t let you even blink, that is how fast all the payments get transferred to the amount. It is such an enjoyment to make an investment and watch your money transferred to the casino account instantly.

Pick PaySafeCard to Make Deposits in Canada

PaySafeCard Casinos FAQ

In case you are already a master of the whole gambling world and there is nothing difficult for you when picking a deposit method, you are bound to know everything about the system. Though, numerous players join the payment option for the first time and there should occur some questions according to the voucher. Even existing users may meet difficulties and be not aware of their solutions. We have collected the top asked points for you and there are all presented to clarify the conditions.

Why PaySafeCard?

If you are anxious about your safety, the best way is picking this very system. It is completely secure and involves no data about you, your bank account or any financial info. The online casinos don’t need to know a thing about where the cash comes from or where it goes. What a great option for making purchases and staying away from any fraud and illegal activity it is. All the technology is concentrated on your privacy.

Are Fees Involved?

Are you already a one-year user of PaySafeCard? Well, this fact can’t but gladden. Once there is still some cash left on your card after such a period of time, the system will take a fee of $2 for each following month. The amount of it depends directly on the size, which is on the voucher. Still, joining the best online casinos, you may notice that all the fees are excluded. That is when you feel the privilege of your perfect choice.

How Are Winnings Paid?

The leading sites stand out for numerous factors and one of them is the way you get the winnings. You are asked to enter the valid bank account or an e-wallet, the place you want to receive the gaining. You select the way where you want your wins to be paid and the funds will be transferred quickly as soon as you confirm the operation. That is how simple and fast the system works, no waiting – just pleasure.

Can I Withdraw Gains through PaySafeCard?

Using the voucher as a banking option in any online casino, you should be ready to meet such a disadvantage as unavailability to use it for withdrawing the funds. This time you have to look for another method and change the service for getting cash. It is quite inconvenient and once you don’t have any extra payment mean, you have to create a new account in another banking system. Though, the benefits of this prepaid card are worth such efforts.