Nevertheless, what era we live in, people will always find the ways to play for real money. Why? That is very simple. Cash has been attracting many individuals all the time – both men and women. This should come as no surprise.

Coins or banknotes have so greatly influenced our lives, that now it is difficult to imagine existing without them. Casinos are the institutions which have taken this opportunity to make profit and were gladly welcomed by the authority.

Today web gambling houses are popular almost everywhere – including the country in the North America named Canada. It is a work of a moment to get involved in the game, but the process of funds depositing and withdrawal demands more time and efforts. UseMyFunds electronic wallet is a unique method of virtual finance managing that is used by hundreds of the users.

UseMyFunds – Choice of Real Money Players

As you know, the hazardous audience is divided into several parts. The bigger ones include average players and also greatly experienced ones with the years of special background. And what you think?

Those old hands exploit UseMyFunds program for various pockets operations. Would you believe the recommendations of a man who has been playing for ages? Possibly the answer is YES.

Inspect Banking Benefits

If you do not enjoy breaking your head over some puzzling things, this payment system is right for you. It is very simple and convenient in use – there is no need to investigate different guidelines in order to figure out how to arrange multiple options. Moreover, it is direct and fast – just imagine the request is done before you manage to blink.

The most important thing for Canadian gamblers is that they are not required to register and create their individual accounts for third-party offices. By the way, the transactions are free – no service charge is demanded.

Instead of that, the client will make use of that very payable design, that he has already utilized before with the purpose of bills outpayments and administration of the money. You can check your payment history any time, to be sure that everything you have asked was really performed.


If you do not believe us, believe those 1,6 billion people who exploit this encashment mechanism. The customers always leave good feedbacks about the positive sides. They lay emphasis on the fact that it is secure and safe.

There is no necessity to be concerned about your personal data and financial details. Everything is anonymous and you stay unknown. In online gambling that is even more than usual advantage.

PAD: Make Withdrawing Possible

Hazardous thrill-seekers are usually impatient considering the question of the winning drawing out. They have won – why not making their pockets real? Canadian clients are not in the exception list. The program offers such feature for everyone.

And here PAD is applied. For those who are out of the subject, PAD stands for Pre Authorized Debit. Completing the requested fields and submitting the application, the gambler will get a chance to arrange withdrawals. It is not limited – you are also able to receive cash by means of this PAD functionality.

A single issue that the user needs to make in order to complete the payment procedure is picking out the service on the paying panel of the casino provider’s web source, choosing (on the appropriate pop-up window) the location of the present residence and one more thing – the lender with an account from which the encashment has to be arranged.

Do It Instantly

Any transaction is to be made instantly. Yeah, that is true. If you hurry up – that method is for you. Right after the allowance is finished, the operator sends you a receipt where all the details are mentioned.

Before that the system is notified about the money being credited. That all is happening in the real time regime that is why everything is going on so quickly. That can take only several minutes – is that much?

No Fees for Service Usage

Speaking about the service of UseMyFunds itself, it does not require any additional charges – as that has already been pointed out. People usually pay attention to such peculiarities – no fee, so the offer is valuable. That is a chance to try something new and stay in the bucks.

Forget about signing up payment as in some other variants – here you can create a profile easily and with no charge. No established prices. You have not to disburse for account annulment, no fees for personal notifications and absolutely free monthly usage.


SSL Encryption and Anonymity

One more thing about the mechanism is the presence of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It is defined as a conventional production technique for setting up a cryptological connection between a system and a user, that is the casino website and the player. You will ask – so what does that mean?

Using this cipher it has become possible to securely transmit all personal information including financial details such as credit card numbers and other credentials. Be sure your data will not be vulnerable as SSL protects you and provides with anonymous regime.

Secured and Safe

Every client, who has ever won something in any Canadian online gambling house, wants his money to be securely managed – by dint of the above described technology it has become completely feasible. That is why numerous thrill-seekers use this very method of administrating funds while enjoying hazardous entertainments.

One more know-how named Anti-Fraud makes all the operations safe and secure. It helps the customers to hide all the tiny evidences about themselves and feel protected with UseMyFunds tool.

Are There Any Downsides?

If taking into consideration the negative side of the issue, one unpleasant moment appears. Withdrawal procedure is not arranged as simple as you may think. After making a request for cashing out, you will wait some time for official verification.

That can run over for a long period. Moreover, this option can be used by Canadians only, who possess real banking accounts. So if you do not fit that description, check out some other offers.

Alternatives Observation

Keep calm because except for this system, you can find out many more other propositions which can be effective and practicable. Just look for some alternative variants on the Internet and choose the one that suits you most of all.

Investigate all the details about depositing processes and decide if that is what you really need. Compare with UseMyFunds version – probably, it will stay more convenient and beneficial.