When the question is about online gambling houses in the True North, it’s almost always the issue of EntroPay that is an ideal way to perform depositing and withdrawing. In the case if you have never exploited this unique payment tool, we are longing to bet your entire cash bankroll that you will undoubtedly adore it.

EntroPay is an international reimbursement instrument which allows utilizing virtual cards. The service was created in 2000 and is in the owning of Visa enterprise. Initially, it is intended for those users who arrange the allowances on the Internet – that is the casino players are among them.

Software Lightning of EntroPay Casinos

One of the most groundbreaking pros of the tool is that it provides a complete anonymity. That is a key reason why almost all hazardous software operators accept this program. Among them you can encounter a legendary Microgaming supplier, well-respected Playtech developer, reliable Net Entertainment game designer and many other representatives of the relevant sphere.

EntroPay Casino Payment – Type Explanation

The card has the following attributes: 16-digit number, period of validity and CCV2 code. They are the same as in a real one. The users can make deposits and cashouts by dint of this very option.

All the players definitely know why to utilize the payment programs like this one. Everyone must somehow top up a balance to make bets and play for real money. Without crediting that is simply going beyond belief incredible.

The same is with the drawing out procedure. So now we are about puzzling out how the mode operates so that you take it in while gambling in one of the EntroPay online casinos for Canadians.

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E-wallet Deposit Overview

The process of money depositing can differ according to the operator. However, the contrast is hardly noticeable. So with an eye to arrange the funds investment, you have to follow the next instructions:

  1. Enter the site of the casino you like to play in;
  2. Choose the category of “Banking options”;
  3. Pick out EntroPay from the rating of available systems;
  4. Then you have to reproduce simply everything that will be shown on the hints (commonly that is “Add Card” request);
  5. After that you have to record it by pointing out its 16-digit number and CCV code (if you enroll your unit for the 1st time, the next operations will not demand doing it repeatedly);
  6. At the next stage, you have to mention the sum you intend to put in the account;
  7. Be confident you have entered the right sum and push the button “Next”.

The manual is formed for those clients who have already created their personal profiles on the EntroPay web site. If you are not in its number – so do that before requesting the dep.


Be prepared that one of the hallmarks of this very system is that there are certain fees required. It can be a real disadvantage as there are many methods where the charge for depositing is absent. In this case be ready to disburse 4.95% of the general sum.

E-wallet Withdrawal Survey

The next feature that is suggested by the electronic purse for Canadians is the possibility to withdraw money. The process is not complicated. You have to follow the prompts and no troubles will appear on your way. First of all, decide what sum you want to draw out – that can be not the total one, but a part of it.

So now you cannot choose but sending a request to the e-mail address of the EntroPay online casino customer support team, pointing out the reckoning. Also, you have to mention the next information:

  1. Your Username;
  2. 4 last digits of your Visa prepaid card;
  3. The sum (as it has been already noted);
  4. Your agreement and affirmation of the fee reimbursement.


Apart from that, they can exceptionally cash out that sum of money that is equal to the one that you have deposited for the last 12 months. There is one more way to materialize the winnings without involving the customer team. Here are the steps:

  1. Sing in to the gambling house;
  2. Go to Cashier;
  3. Pick Withdrawal section;
  4. Push EntroPay as the option of retrieving;
  5. Opt the card you wish to utilize (if you have several ones);
  6. Mention the sum;
  7. Press “Withdraw” button.

After having done all of that, you will see the message, whether the action is effective or not. In the case of unsuccessful one you will behold an error that indicates the reason. When the procedure is positive – you acquire a unique ID and receive a letter of validation.


Every withdrawing procedure is initially viewed and then approved or disapproved by the inside inspection group of supporting managers. The consideration of your application in average can take about 3 business shifts. There is more to come.

As soon as your inquiry is confirmed and you are allowed to get your profit, you will have to wait from 3 to 5 days for the currency to emerge on your real account in the bank. There is an opportunity to arrange drawing out the same day that you have executed your first investment.

Cash Out Charge

As sad as it sounds, but for a lingering expectation of getting your prize, you have to disburse some charge. Yes, that is an obvious truth. The fee composes 1.95% from the general quantas. So we recommend to wait till you have a significant game changer – that is a big gain, so that the percentage does not greatly influence the ultimate sum that you will reach.

EntroPay Casino Winners

No one will deny the possibility to win a million of bucks, that is why people visit the betting clubs around the planet. They want to transform their dibs into the real coins. And here the EntroPay online casino tool comes in.

It offers the winners the highest level of security and great accessibility. The clients are attracted by a convenient bankroll management and the possibility to register several cards. The withdrawal method suits the prize holders.