The UseMyBank online casino payment program is an adequate way to arrange depositing and withdrawing for Canadian players. It is specially elaborated for performing the transactions in online regime.

The clients of this method are offered many advantages. This payment solution is available to all humans who long for risking and winning. The company started to function in 2002. Firstly, it was aimed to serve the retailers.

When the industry of the hazardous gaming had been tightly implemented, it began offering its options to the players. It is calculated that about 20,000 clients are utilizing it on the monthly basis – a huge part of them are Canadian gamblers.

Making Deposits – What Is Required?

One of the functions is depositing. It allows funding your virtual gambling account for making future bets. That can be executed by dint of a usual current bank bill. Instant topping up is the most attractive peculiarity. However, it is accepted by numerous web institutions, it is complex to meet a legitimate one.

To put some cash on your balance you have to bind your real credit card to UseMyBank. Be confident that your bank cooperates with the system. If not, so you have no choice but ordering another one from the lender who is a partner of the program. Now, you enter the casino and go to the Deposit category. Here you select the necessary mechanism.

You are automatically moved to the tool source, where you point out the sum you want to fund. Confirm that you save a sufficient amount of cash. You can choose wire transfer or do that with an aid of a check. That is all – no additional information is required.

Undeniable Advantages of Banking Choice

The method is quick, simple and trustworthy. It is really widely utilized in Canada. However, that does not limit you to try it, if you are the resident of some European location. Note that it is not an electronic wallet. Here are the main positive sides that you can encounter being a customer of the payment instrument.

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No Additional Account – Use Existing Banking System

The initial and the most haughty stuff is that the user is not demanded to create a personal profile. You should plainly be the keeper of a genuine credit card from the banking house that is supported by the mechanism. You simply mention its credentials if you hang out for arranging some operations and that is enough.

Real-time Payments

For an inveterate player that is really crucial to have a feasibility to perform transactions almost instantly. That is assured by the real-time payment regime. You send a request and wait not so much for it to be worked up and executed. If you want to venture right now and do not have money on your balance, keep calm. That can be decided in a minute.

Anonymity Provided

Especially for the thrill-seekers here is a grandiose prerogative – anonymity. It implies that you can be certain than your personality will not be revealed. It is really hefty when the issue is about the pockets – in this case of virtual type. The UseMyBank online casinos welcome this feature.

Such policy relating the users who have no desire to mention the identification is supported. Humans usually concern that the other gamer can recognize him – that is the thing of psychology, but still the challenge exists and the anonymity is simply inevitable in this situation.

Canadians Privilege Only: Withdrawing Allowed

The system is generally developed with an aim to help people make deposits. Withdrawing is not always possible. However, here are some loopholes. There is a rating of the banks, which, none the less, perform this operation. And that is great – some Canadian fiscal establishments are included in this paper.

So if you are a citizen of this country, the world is your oyster. Before ordering the card – make notice of the condition, if your bank allows drawing out or not. Alternatively, you will be bound to look for other ways.

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There Is Nothing Perfect

As everything on a planet, this very payment program possesses some negative features. The most critical minus has already been marked – that is impossibility to cashout the winnings. Even if some operations are allowed, these restrictions still make inconvenience for the user.

At this point, the client is advised to search for other means for extracting the funds out of the balance. Also, the limitation in currencies can push the customer out of the method usage. Exceptionally USD and CAD are available. Naturally, for Canadian gamblers that is not a trouble at all.

Transaction Fees

The requirement considering fees bothers people as well. The charges for the UseMyBank online casinos tool are admissible and of average rate comparing with other variants in the gambling sphere. The fee is usually dependable upon the betting club that you play in.

The percentage can vary a bit. Generally, it composes 3% of the total funding sum. It is recommended not to arrange the topping up, if you intend to put in less than $100. The charge can be justified by the great security.

Identify More Banking Options

Apart from performing depositing and sometimes withdrawing, the user can choose to experience the other options provided by the instrument. One of them is the possibility to transfer money from your account to the other one. That is a good solution, if it is needed to arrange such transaction.

It is momentary and you can be sure that the cash is delivered to the destination. You get an instant notification that the operation was executed. 24/7 customer support is ready to answer all the questions about the transferring. Still the method is reliable and worth exploiting.