Today online gambling in Canada is extremely popular. And it’s quite obvious that the question about its legality has arisen. In fact, though the legislation changes of 1970s that we’ve mentioned before, this kind of internet entertainment is still in the gray area mainly.

Of course, if you open the Canadian Criminal Code, Part VII, Section 201 you will find the laws about gaming and betting for Canadian territory. But there you won’t see any mentions about online, internet, electronic, etc. kinds of the activity.

However, it doesn’t mean that there are no regulatory bodies that test and control the sites and the industry at all. Yeah, nowadays gamblers from Canada can legally bet for money at the places with the gambling license given by the authorities, which Omaha Geeks mentions below.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission is widely seen as one of the most reputable and respected regularity authority in the world with Canada included. It was established in 1996. But its first regulations over Interactive Gaming were enacted only in July of 1999.

Since its recognition and affirmation in subsection 35(1) of Canada’s Constitution Act, the commission has started to give the gambling licenses. Currently, this body controls over 50 online gaming operators and 250 websites.

Online Gambling Laws in Canada - Be Aware to Play Lagally

AGLC (the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission)

The AGLC was created in 1996 as well. Now it is an government agent of the Canadian province Alberta. This commission operates in accord with the Criminal Code, the Gaming and Liquor Act and Regulation.

This body was a part of the Ministry of Gaming between 1999 and 2006. The AGLC regulates not only interactive, but land-based gambling in Canada. So that, you can be sure that gaming sites with such a license are legal for real money play.

LGA (Manitoba Gaming Control Commission)

This regulatory body has a long history that commences in far 1969 when the gaming activity was legalized in Canada. But only since 1997 it has got the current look, straight after 2 independent organizations as MGCC (the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission) and MLC (the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation) had started to work under the single roof.

Presently, the commission is responsible for registration, licensing, inspections, investigations of online gaming operators and sites properly. If you find its sign of approval, then be sure in legal gambling action to get there.

Atlantic Lottery

Soon after the government lotteries in Canada was founded, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (now just Atlantic Lottery) was launched in 1976 and started to regulate the lottery games on the territory.

This body operates under the government of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2004, the ALC introduced PlaySphere that allowed gamblers to bet on the lottery over the internet.

British Columbia Gaming Policy/Enforcement Branch

It’s a governmental body that regulates gambling activity in British Columbia. Here offline establishments as well as online gaming sites can get a license and various gaming grants offered by B.C. to accept Canadian players. It also regulates and controls the houses for their accuracy, fairness and legality.

AGCO (the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario)

AGCO was founded on 23th February, 1998. Nowadays it is a regulatory Agency of the Government of Ontario. Licensing online casinos and gambling sites, the commission ensures that they are socially responsible, fair and trust-worthy. Comments are useless here 🙂

Online Gambling License – What Should I Trust?

Now you have had a look at some crucial gambling laws and have acquainted yourself with regulatory bodies, you know that checking the license of the online gaming site is the first thing to do. Of course, you can look thru our detailed reviews to find if the website is trust-worthy or not.

But there is one more way to choose. You can visit the portal and test it for the signs and reports of aforementioned commissions or such reputable world authorities as eCOGRA, UK Gambling Commission, The Isle of Man, Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and others, which you can trust.

Legal Gambling Sites – Main Sings

When you know what regulatory bodies you can rely on and search for their signs on the site, it’s time to talk about what kinds of gambling is available on the net. Yeah, you hear right – kinds. Ha-ha!

If you hear about online gambling, the first association is casino. But there are also such types of gaming action as poker, bingo and sports betting. And Canadian gamblers have opportunity to defy their luck at them legally as well 🙂 Below you will find a short observation of each type of gambling, where Omaha Geeks enlightens some key points about them to bear in mind.

Legal Gaming Sites - Know Where to Find


Though the varieties of internet gambling entertainments are more than enough, the most popular is still online casinos. You won’t miss choosing houses powered by such famous companies as Microgaming, Playtech, RTG (RealTime Gaming), NetEntertainmnet, NYX, etc., because such sites as a rule are approved by one of the mentioned authorities and testing systems.


Poker tournaments and just game by itself is available for Canadian players. Walk upon air, because it’s absolutely legal. Due to the laws, such site are to have only full gambling license to be eligible to operate on the territory. However, don’t forget to test each poker site for the signs of the trusted regulatory bodies listed above to play safe for cash.


Bingo is probably the most unpopular gambling activity for Canada. That’s why, you won’t find the legal sites in the country. Oops, but that is the truth. However, you still have a chance to try your luck at numbers choosing offshore sites that are licensed and legal, but are in another location and accept Canadian players.


Canadians are fond of sportsbooks as well. That’s why, you won’t meet any difficulties to find the legal online site to bet on sports events. Thus, if you are interested in it then make sure that the online betting portal has all needed seals of approval and licenses before risking for real money.

Gambling Laws FAQ

When you are acquainted with the main Canadian gambling laws, there can left some questions. And below there is most frequently asked ones. There we will try to enlighten issues that can seem to be trifle, but they are still very important.

Responsible Gaming

You can often meet such a word combination as responsible gambling. But what does it mean? First and foremost, you need to follow the laws, restrictions as well as control the gaming process like counting sum of money spent. But also it’s about some duties of gambling sites to execute like fairness, support, service, etc.

Age and Residence

Almost all modern gaming sites accept players whose age is at least 19. In most cases, the legal age limit depends on the Provence you reside. So that, when registering at the casino, poker room, sportsbook, etc. you are to fill the form and provide some personal data to check if you are permitted to gamble for cash.

Besides that, there are some sites that don’t accept players from Canada. It can be caused by many reasons like Canadian gambling laws and restrictions. That’s why, you can even be of legal age, but still have no permission to play for money.

Responsible and Fair Gaming Sites for Canada

Sites and Games Fairness

How to recognize if the site and its games are fair? You can check it by looking thru the reports of the authorities mentioned above. Besides, choosing the portals that are regulated by the Commonwealth licensing jurisdictions named in the article, you can be sure that the fairness of their service and games is approved.

Complaints and Help

Here is the moment when you see the pros of legally licensed gaming sites of Canada. Just because in case you have any problems with such a portal, then the law is on your side in most cases. Of course, the first thing to do is to try to solve it with casino, sportsbook, poker room, etc. And if it doesn’t help, you can complaint by contacting the licensing authority for the further investigation.

Problem Gambling

Today it’s quite serious topic to discuss. If you suspect that you have any signs of problem gambling, you should pass any online test to reveal that. In case your fear about gambling addiction really has a ground, then ask for the help. You can do that by referring to the authorities and get needed contacts or get them directly on the site with the test you passed (usually they provide you with such info).


One more question that bothers all gamblers of Canada is banking online. How safe is it? What currencies can I use? What payment options are available for transfers? Omaha created the guide for you to make all things clear and simple. Below you will find the answers in plain English.


Almost all online gaming sites accept multicurrency payments. That’s a great news for you, because you can deposit and withdraw wins in CAD. Of course, you should better check if there is such an opportunity to make bets in Canadian dollars, because it differs from site to site. What’s more, there can be hidden some extra fees for using the currency for gambling.


Flexibility, comfort and safety of customers stands first for modern gambling sites. That’s why, you have a wide choice of the highly secured and fast payment methods to use for money transfers. Besides, you are free to use credit/debit cards as Visa, MasterCard or ewallets as PayPal, Ukash, Skrill, Neteller and others to fund your account and cash out gains.

Just specify the terms of use for mechanism selected, check if it works for all kinds of monetary transactions, if there is any fees and currencies available to gamble with pure pleasure. Choose the most convenient baking option for you to relish your real money play.